Visiting Students program at ARIES (VSPA)

Aimed at students who have just cleared their post-graduate or B-tech/M-tech examination (in exceptional case undergraduate students also) , ARIES offer opportunity to work with ARIES faculty on a short term project (preferable 2-3 three month duration) through-out the year. In this program we put student in touch with the faculties having overlapping interest in the research filed. The project may consist of research work or developmental activity in our ongoing projects, in below mention "Field of Interest" for which we have:
~18 faculties in "Astronomy and Astrophysics"    
~6 faculties in "Atmospheric sciences"
~2 faculties in "Solar physics"    
~3 faculties in "Computer sciences"
~3 faculties in "Mechanical Engineering"   "
~4 faculties in "Electrical Engineering"   "
~2 faculties in "Optical Engineering"   

The objective of this program is to (i) inculcate in students an aptitude of research oriented learning (ii) scientific resource development by exposing the students with ongoing excitement in the cutting edge research area, along with familiarity with ARIES ongoing research and developmental activity by having ample interaction with ARIES Ph.D students and faculties. Further detail about the ongoing research work and development activities can be found on the institute webpage. We hope to provide all the projects students with the best possible scientific/technical experience.
Expenses, which include lodging and food, are very nominal at ARIES hostel (Rs 30 per night for stay,and about Rs 100 whole days food) which any student having CSIR, INSPIRE of any other fellowship can easily afford. However in exceptional cases, depending on the interest of institute and candidate academic profile, ARIES may also provide nominal logistics support to the candidate.
How to apply? Students who have just cleared their post-graduate or B-tech/M-tech examination (in exceptional case undergraduate too), are requested to apply only on-line by clicking on Apply Online. As soon as you successfully submit the form, you will be asked by an automated email to send your CV in PDF form. In addition you can also send the input other than asked in the on-line form, if any, which you wish to bring in our attention, e.g if you have already decided about you project and project guide etc.

" Any further correspondence can be made to the following address: The Co-ordinator
Visiting student program at ARIES
Manora Peak
Nainital, Uttrakhand-263129
E-mail: vspa[AT]
The update whether your application is on process stage or already processed, finalised can be seen from our online webpage . Further communication is s strongly prefered only by email giving as reference your unique application ID in the subject, as received by our automeated email.
                        (VSPA Team, ARIES)