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S. No. Description
1 Studies of the night airglow,
P. P. Saxena, Agra University, (April, 1969) 1970,  ( S. D.  Sinvhal )

Studies in the colours and magnitudes of short period cepheids,
S. C. Joshi, Agra University,  (Nov., 1969, 1970, (S. D.  Sinvhal)

3 Studies in energy transport  through  the  solar  atmosphere,
L. M. Punetha,  Agra University ,  (April, 1971), 1972, (M. C. Pande)
4 Studies in eclipsing binaries,
C. D. Kandpal, Agra University, (July, 1974), 1975, (S. D.  Sinvhal)
5 Spectrophotometric studies of late type stars,
J. P. Chaturvedi, Gorakhpur University,  (Sept., 1974) ,1975,   (D. A.  Sharma  and  S. D.  Sinvhal)
6 Studies in short period cepheids,
 H. S. Mahra, Agra University, (Nov., 1974) , 1975, (S. D.  Sinvhal)
7 Studies in eclipsing binaries,
 J.  B. Srivastava, Agra University, (Aug., 1976), 1977, (S. D.  Sinvhal)
8 Molecules in sunspots,
V. P. Gaur, Agra University, (Nov., 1977),  1977, (M. C.  Pande)
9 Molecules in the solar atmosphere,
 K. Sinha, Gorakhpur University, (Aug., 1978),  1980, (D. Sharma   and  M. C. Pande)
10 Stars in the instability strip of the H-R diagram,
S. K. Gupta, Agra University, (Sept.,  1979), 1980, (S. D.  Sinvhal)
11 Studies in star clusters,
R. Sagar, Gorakhpur University, (Sept., 1979),  1981, (D. Sharma  and  S. D.  Sinvhal)
12 Studies in eclipsing binary systems,
T. D. Padalia, Kumaun University, (March 1980), 1981, (S. D.  Sinvhal)
13 Studies in star clusters,
U. C. Joshi, Kumaun University, (Nov., 1980), 1981,  (S. D.  Sinvhal)
14 Studies of sunspots,
G. C. Joshi, Kumaun University, (Nov., 1980),  1982, (M. C. Pande)
15 Studies in solar faculae,
B. M. Tripathi,  Agra University,  (Feb., 1981), 1981, (M. C. Pande)
16 Absolute energy distribution in stars,
B. S. Rautela,  Kumaun University, (April, 1981),  1982,(S. C.  Joshi)
17 Studies in Algol  type  eclipsing binary systems,
R. K. Srivastava,  Kumaun University,  (March, 1983),  1984, (S. D. Sinvhal)
18 Some studies of prominence coronal holes and flare related phenomena,
R. N. Shelke,  Kumaun University, (Aug., 1985), 1986, (M. C. Pande)
19 Studies in evolution of close binary stars,
U. S. Chaubey, Kumaun University, (Sept., 1985),  1988, (C. D. Kandpal)
20 Spectrophotometric study of Be stars,
P. S. Goraya,  Punjab University, (Sept., 1985), 1987,  (H. S. Gurm  and  S.C. Joshi)
21 Some studies related to solar flares and prominences,
P. Pant,  Kumaun University,  (March, 1986), 1988, (M. C. Pande)
22 Studies of solar flares, surges and related phenomena,
V. K. Verma,  Kumaun University,  (July, 1986),  1988, (M. C. Pande)
23 Studies of some early type stars ,
M. Singh,  Kumaun University, (Sept., 1987),  1991, (M. C. Pande)
24 Photometric studies in star clusters,
A. K. Pandey,  Kumaun University,  (Nov., 1987),  1991, (H. S.  Mahra)
25 Studies of facular models,
K. R. Bondal,  Kumaun University,  (March, 1988),  1991, (M. C. Pande)
26 Spectrophotometric studies in Cepheids,
B. B. Sanwal,  Kumaun University, (Dec., 1988),  1991, (S. C. Joshi)
27 Some studies on Solar Activity,
Wahab Uddin,  Kumaun University,  (Dec., 1992),  1993, (M. C. Pande)
28 Studies in Star Clusters,
B. C. Bhatt,  Kumaun University, (May, 1993),  1993, (H. S. Mahra)
29 Activity from Solar Cycle 22,
A. Joshi,  Kumaun University,  (Dec., 1996), 1998,  (V. P. Gaur)
30 Astrometric and CCD photometric studies of  galactic globular clusters,
A. C. Gupta,  Gorakhpur University,  (Sept., 1998),  1999, (U. S.Pandey  and  R. Sagar)
31 Photometric Studies of Intermediate and old age galactic star clusters,
A. K. Durgapal,  Kumaun University,  (Feb., 2001),  2002, (A. K. Pandey)
32 Spatial structure of galactic star clusters,
Nilakshi, Kumaun University,  (June, 2001), 2002, (R. Sagar)
33 Mosaic  CCD  camera  system: Implementation and Application to Astronomical  Imaging,
B. Nagaraja Naidu,  Bangalore  University,  (Aug., 2001),  2002,  (R. Srinivasan  &  R. Sagar)
34 A Comparative  intra-night  optical  micro-variability of  high  lumninosity  AGN  classes,
C. S. Stalin,  Kumaun University,  (Oct., 2002), 2003,  (R. Sagar  & Gopal - Krishna)
35 Studies  of  young  stellar objects,
R. K. S. Yadav,  Kumaun University, ( Dec., 2002),  2003,   ( R. Sagar )
36 Study of cataclysmic variable stars ,
B. N. Ashoka,   Kumaun University,  (Feb., 2003),  2003,  ( R. Sagar  &  S. Seetha )
37 Search for microlensing events using pixel method,
Y. C. Joshi ,   Kumaun University,  (Sept.,  2003),  2004,   ( A. K. Pandey  &  D. Narasimha )
38 Spectrophotometric  studies  of  young  star clusters,
B. Kumar ,  Kumaun University,  (Feb., 2004),  2004,   ( B. B. Sanwal )
39 Studies of chemically pecullar stars,
S. Joshi ,  Kumaun University, (July,  2004),  2005,  ( R. Sagar  &  P. Martinez )
40 Studies in star clusters ,
K. Upadhyay,   D. D. U. Gorakhpur University ,  ( July 2004 ),  2005 ,   ( U. S. Pandey  &  A. K. Pandey )
41 Optical studies of GRB Related Events,
S. B. Pandey,   Kumaun University,  ( June, 2005 ),  2005,   ( R. Sagar  &   D. Bhattacharya )
42 Optical  studies  of  X - Ray peculiar chromospherically active stars,
J. C. Pandey,   Kumaun University,  ( Aug.,  2005),  2006,   ( R. Sagar  &  K. P. Singh )
43 Photometric studies of galactic open star clusters,
Snehlata ,  Kumaun University,  ( Dec.,  2005 ),  2006,  ( R. Sagar )
44 Study  of  the solar flares and associated phenomena,
R. Chandra,   Kumaun University,  ( May, 2006),  2006,  ( W. Uddin  &  R. Jain )
45 Star clusters:  A comparision of theoretical simulations with observations,
T. S. Sandhu,   Kumaun University,  ( Aug.,  2006), 2007, ( A. K. Pandey )
46 Investigations of solar flares associated activities from near sun to  interplanetary medium,
B. Joshi,  Kumaun University,  ( April,  2007 ), 2007, ( K.Pandey, P. Pant  and  P.K. Manoharan )
47 Study of the eruptive solar events: Flares, eruptive prominences and associated CMEs,
 S. S. Ali,  Kumaun University,   (Aug., 2007),  2007,  (W. Uddin & A. Qaiyum)
48 Study Multi-Wavelength Studies of Energetic Cosmic Explosions,
 K. Misra,  Kumaun University,  (Dec., 2007),  2008,  (R. Sagar,  D.  Bhattacharya   &  K. Pandey)
49 Characteristics of aerosol spectral optical depths over Nainital - A high-altitude station
     in the shivalik ranges of central himalayas,
 U. C. Dumka,  Kumaun University,   (Feb., 2008), 2008, (R. sagar, K. K. Moorthy & K. Pandey)
50 Studies of young and intermediate age open star clusters,
Saurabh,  Kumaun University,  (March, 2008),  2008, (A. K. Pandey & K. Pandey)
51 Studies of pulsations in chemically peculiar stars,
 S. K. Tiwari,  D. D. U. Gorakhpur University,   (September, 2008), 2009, (U. S. Pandey & U. S. Chaubey)
52 Multi-wavelength study of X-ray binary systems,
R. Kaur,  Kumaun University,  (April, 2009),  2009, (R. Sagar)
53 Intra-night optical variability and the JET dominance in active galactic nuclei,
 A. Goyal,  Kumaun University,   (December, 2009), 2010, (R. Sagar)
54 Investigation of mesospheric variability with the help of airglow emissions,
A. Guharay,  Kumaun University,  (December, 2009),  2010, (B. Pande & P. Pant )
55 Multiwavelength study of solar eruptive phenomena (Space-weather Events) and their interplanetary response,
P. Kumar, Kumaun University,   (October, 2010), 2011, (W. Uddin, S. Bisht & P. K. Manoharan )
56 Multi-wavelength studies of galactic HII regions,
M. R. Samal,  Kumaun University,  (December, 2010),  2011, (A. K. Pandey, D. K. Ojha & B. Pande )
57 Star formation in bright-rimmed clouds and small clusters associated with HII regions,
Neelam, Kumaun University,   (March, 2011), 2011, (A. K. Pandey & P. S. Rawat)
58 Multi-wavelength study of young open clusters,
H. Joshi,  Kumaun University,  (November, 2010),  2011, (R. Sagar )
59 Initial mass function and star formation in young star clusters,
J. Jose, Kumaun University,   (March, 2011), 2011, (A. K. Pandey & P. S. Rawat)
60 Study of solar activity and solar terrestrial-links,
N. S. Bankoti,  Kumaun University,  (July, 2011),  2012, (K. Pandey, W. Uddin & B. Pande )
61 Study of solar flares, prominences and CMEs,
N. C. Joshi, Kumaun University,   (March, 2011), 2012, (K. Pandey, W. Uddin & B. Pande)
62 Search and study of pulsating variable stars,
C. P. Pandey, Kumaun University,  (October, 2011),  2012, (S. Bisht & B. B. Sanwal )
63 Weather research and forecasting model with chemistry (WRF-CHEM) over South Asia,
Rajesh Kumar, Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorologie,   (June, 2012), 2012, (M. Claussen, J. Obenbrugge & M. Naja)
64 Design and development of Monostatic Plused Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) for Atmospheric studies of Central Himalayas,
T. Bangia, Gautam Buddha Technical University,  (June, 2012),  2012, (P. K. Agarwal & R. Sagar)
65 Large radio sources and episodic nuclear activity
Sumana Nandi, Kumaun University, (November, 2012), 2013, (H. C. Chandola, Mahendra Singh & D. J. Saikia)
66 Investigation of energetic cosmic explosions and their after effects
Rupak Roy, Kumaun University, (December, 2012), 2013, (Brijesh Kumar & H. C. Chandola)
67 X-ray and optical studies of blazars
Haritma Gaur, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gorakhpur University, (February, 2013), 2013, (A. C. Gupta & U. S. Pandy)
68 Multiwavelength studies of galactic star forming regions
C. Eswaraiah, Kumaun University, (March, 2013), 2013, (A. K Pandey & H. C. Chandola)
69 Study of ozone and other trace gases distribution in the lower atmosphere,
N. Ojha, Kumaun University, (May, 2013), 2014, (M. Naja & H. C. Chandola)
70 SLarge Radio Sources and their environment
Akash Pirya, Kumaun University, (July, 2013), 2014, (H. C. Chandola & M. Singh)
71 Variabilities in surface ozone and precursors at Nainital
Tapaswini Sarangi, Kumaun University, (March, 2014), 2014, (M. Naja & H. C. Chandola)
72 Astrometric and photometric studies of star clusters
Devesh P. Sariya, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, (July, 2014), 2015, (R. S. Yadav)
73 Probing central engine and environments of active galactic nuclei
Ravi Joshi, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, (July, 2014), 2015, (Hum Chand)
74 Multiwavelength studies of star forming regions
Ram Kesh Yadav, Kumaun University, (August, 2014), 2015, (A. K. Pandey)
75 Study of supernovae and massive sars and prospects with the 4m International Liquid Mirror Telescope
Brajesh Kumar, University of Liege, (November, 2014), 2014, (S. B. Pandey & Prof. Jean Surdej)
76 Study of transients and waves in the solar atmosphere,
P. K. Kayshap, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, (August, 2014), 2015, (A. K. Srivastava)