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The mark of a progressive institution is judged by the strength of its library, which has been aptly termed "Library is a growing organism" fifth law of library science given by Prof. S.R. Ranganathan, an authority on library science. Ever since the inception of the Observatory in 1954, its library has been steadily building up through the years and is now known to be one of the best libraries amongst those belonging to any similar scientific research institutions in the country. The library/KRC has one big hall attached to administrative block and a separate three story building connected with the hall. The Library/KRC acquires books and journals mainly related to Astronomy & Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences although

from time to time we have acquired reference books also. All the national and international astronomical journals are on the shelves from the first issue of their editions. Our library/KRC now has in stock 10,100 books and above 10,500 volumes of journals. Books and Journals apart, non-book material such as slides, charts, maps, diskettes, CD-ROMs etc. account for a figure of 3600.

The total number of periodicals/serials being acquired is 250, of which 96 are being subscribed to and 154 miscellaneous being received an exchange basis. The number of institutions on the exchange list are about 100 now. The number of documents an exchange publications are above 50,000.