Information to Participants

Important information related to the conference is given below.
(1) The inauguration and scientific programme will take place at Uttarakhand Academy of Administration (UAoA, ATI) at Mallital Nainital.
(2) The accommodation for the outside participants is arranged at guest house of UAoA( formally ATI), Nainital Club and ARIES. You will be informed about the exact information of your accommodation once we get complete travel programme from all the participants.
(3) We request all the participants please send your travel programme latest by 28 October 2016 so that we can make proper arrangements for your comfort stay. Failing to received on this date the opportunity twill be given to the participants those are in waiting list.
(4) During mid November, the weather at Nainital is expected to be dry and cold. Our advice is to come-up along with warm cloths (sweater and jacket). More information on the weather condition at Nainital can be found at
(5) There are many ways to reach Nainital.
(1) From Delhi there are many volvo buses those directly connect Delhi and Nainital through Haldwani/Kathgodam.
My advice to take the Uttarakhand Transport Volvo Buses (not private because they are not much reliable) those operates from Anand Vihar Bus Stand to Haldwani/Kathgodam/Nainital. You can make advance booking at
The timing of buses are
Departure Timings:
From Haldwani – 9:00 10:00 21:00 22:00 
From Delhi – 9:30 10:30 21:00 22:00
(2) The nearest railway station is located at a distance of 34 kilometres at Kathgodham, at the foothills of the Kumaon hills. Kathgodam railway station enjoys good connectivity to important places such as Delhi, Lucknow and Howrah, with daily trains running to New Delhi.

Some of the popular trains that ply from Kathgodam station are Ranikhet Express, Uttar Sampark, Shatabdi Express. Outside the railway station, you can either hire a shared cab or board a private taxi which will take you to the city.

The timing of the trains are as follow:

From Delhi to Kathgodam – 
Train Name Train No. Departure Time Arrival Time (from Delhi) (at Kathgodam)
1. NDLS KGM SHT 12040 6:00 hr 11:40 hr
2. UTR SAMPARK K EX 15035 16:00 hr 22:40 hr
3. Ranikhet EXp 15013 22:30 hr 6:35 hr
From Kathgodam to Delhi
Train Name Train No. Departure Arrival
(from Kathgodam ) (at Delhi)
1. NDLS KGM SHT 12039 15:35 hr 21:05 hr
2. UTR SAMPARK K EX 15036 8:50 hr 15:20 hr
3. Ranikhet EXp 15014 20:40 hr 3:55 hr
One can book the train tickets on IRCTC site at
(3) Being a hill station, Nainital does not have direct air connectivity. The nearest airport is located at Pantnagar, which lies at a distance of 65 kilometres from Nainital.
The flight can be search at
From time to time you will receive important information about the workshop.
Please feel free to ask if you need any support from the local organizesrs which would be happy to assist you.

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