Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Visiting ARIES

[This is an FAQ prepared by our ASPOP team to help prospective visitor]

Q1. What is the purpose of ARIES outreach program.?

We wish to open the window of astronomy and astrophysics for general public in general and students in particular. We think students are the future scientist, so timely introduction of this field for an interested one is very important. After all there is many excitements while probing the universe, which not only enhance sphere of thinking of individual but also fulfill one desire for knowledge.

Q2. Is visiting ARIES open to all? Are you allowing the visitor at currect time to visit ARIES?

Yes visiting ARIES is open to all. It is open in current time too

Q3.What procedure we shell follow to arrange visit to ARIES?

Please visit . Click on fill on-line application form for which advance booking at the most upto one month is allowed. Once submitted, someone from ARIES Science Popularization team (ASPOP) will contact you on your given email ID, for confirmation. Please make sure to fill all the column and correct email ID.

Q4.Do we always need prior arrangement to visit ARIES ?

Not necessary if you simply wish to visit ARIES with out need to have scientist time for slide shows or popular talk. In that case scientific assistant will shows to you some poster and ARIES facility. For this also prefer time is 2-400pm. Evening shows at present is not functional till telescope for that will be installed .

Q5. Can we visit any time to ARIES?

For day visit the preferable time is 2.0-4.00pm, during which if group is above 10 students, a scientist can give time to deliver a popular lecture. However if this time is not possible then only scientific assistant may be able to just show ARIES facility and posters.

Q6. If we are less then 10 people/student and will visit 2.00pm-4.00pm will there be slide shows for us?

A scientist may not be able to invest his time, however if visitor insist, a scientific assistant may shows some existing slide shows.

Q7. If we visit in evening time will there be sky show possible for us ?

Sky shows at ARIES will be open to all. But at present it is closed due to unability of telescope. We are in the process of instaling a new 14 inch telescope dedicated for this. As soon as it will be operational evening shows will be resumed to all public (6.30 PM-8.30PM)

Q8. Our group of student wish to visit observatory. Is it possible for you to make travel arrangements from railways station?

At present we do not have administrative support for this purpose, so will be unable to do it. However following travel agents number at Nainital may be of help. (i) 09412084052 Nayana travel (ii) 09837253263 (local at Nainital) etc

Q9. Any email contact? what we willl accept application/appointments by online form at .