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Devasthal    (Google Map)
Devasthal ("Abode of God") is a mountain peak near Nainital (60 km away) at a longitude of 79.7 E, latitude of 29.4 N, and at an altitude of ~2450 m above msl. The site is away from major urban settlements in the region. Its line-of-sight distance from the Manora Peak at Nainital is nearly 22 km. This site was chosen after an extensive site characterization conducted during 1980 - 2001 in the central Himalayan range. The main advantages of Devasthal site are in its dark skies, sub-arcsec seeing, low extinction and at the same time being easily assessable and manageable. Devasthal is an emerging observatory for optical astronomy in the India which includs a 360-cm, the largest in the country and a modern 400-cm Liquid Mirror, telescopes.